Just Before Purim, Peres Reveals 1970s Disguise

President posts images to Facebook of him donning mustache, horn-rimmed glasses wig and fedora. 'This is the disguise I wore when I met with King Hussein of Jordan.'

President Shimon Peres posted to Facebook pictures showing the disguise he wore when he travelled to Jordan to meet with King Hussein in the 1970s - more than a decade before a peace treaty between Israel and Jordan.

"‎Purim‬ is a great time dress up but not the only time," President Shimon Peres wrote on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon, a day before the Jewish holiday begins.

"The beauty of Purim is that it brings out the creativity in us all in celebration of a holiday that is all about fun!" Peres wrote.

In the pictures he posted, Peres can be seen wearing a mustache and beard, horn-rimmed glasses, a wig and a fedora.

He asked his Facebook followers to share pictures of their costumes, which "I am sure they are much better than mine."