Student Who Singled Out 'Leftist' Teacher Gets Big 'Like' From Culture Minister

Likud-Beiteinu members invite Sapir Sabah to Knesset, praise her for standing up to her teacher Adam Verete who she claims disparaged IDF.

Sapir Sabah, the student who accused her teacher Adam Verete of expressing "extreme left" opinions, visited the Knesset Wednesday, on invitation from members of the Likud-Beiteinu faction.

Members of Knesset praised Sabah, among them Culture Minister Limor Livnat, Deputy Minister Ophir Akunis and Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely. "I'm pleased we have students like this who stand up to teachers who convey messages that hurt Israel Defense Forces soldiers," Hotovely told Sabah.

Minister Livnat posted a status on her Facebook page expressing her support for Sabah and commended her for filing her complaint against Verete: "I shook her hand and applauded her for her courage. She deserves a big like!"

Livnat added that Sabah had exposed the Verete affair, after the media, teachers and friends somehow managed to sway the Education Ministry and the ORT school network.

Officials from the ORT education network decided last week not to fire Verete, the civics teacher, after he was threatened with dismissal.

Education Minister Shay Piron expressed criticism but ultimate support for the teacher. He said on Sunday that it is important to strike a balance between detaching schools from the "influences of teachers or ideological streams seeking to enjoin students in their opinions," and the importance of generating "deep, lively debate and confronts his students with existing dilemmas," Piron said.

In an interview with Haaretz on Sunday, Verete likened Piron’s approach to that in George Orwell’s novel “1984,” and sharply criticized the minister’s and ORT’s handling of the entire affair.