U.S. Storms Wreak Havoc on Flights to and From Israel

Two El Al flights and one Delta flight cancelled on Tuesday night; takeoffs now schedule for Wednesday morning.

Stormy weather in the United States, with a heavy snowstorm blanketing the eastern seaboard, is causing cancellations and delays of flights to and from Israel.

Two flights that were scheduled to leave Ben-Gurion International Airport for New York on Tuesday night were postponed until Wednesday. As a result, the return legs of those flights are also likely to be delayed, with implications for hundreds of passengers.

El Al flight LY027 was delayed until 5:00 A.M. on Wednesday and flight LY001 until Wednesday at 07:00.

A Delta Airlines flight to New York that was due to leave on Tuesday night was also cancelled and is now scheduled to take off on Wednesday at 5:00 A.M.