Israeli Criminal Shot Dead in South Africa

Member of Israeli crime family was found murdered, as crime wars leak abroad.

The body of a convicted Israeli felon was found shot dead in an open field in South Africa on Wednesday, in what police believe to be an upshot of Israeli crime syndicates' power struggles that have leaked abroad.

The man, Shimmy Anu, was known to Israeli police for his commanding role in the Musli crime family's financial activities.

Anu and his brother Bero played a crucial part in the Musli family's attempts to dominate the loan and exchange markets in the central Israeli cities Rishon Letzion, Holon and Bat Yam, activities that led to multiple casualties and involved territorial disputes with other local crime groups.

The Tel Aviv District Police had recently turned up the heat on the Musli organization, sparking tension and internal struggles in the family. Many key figures in the group left the country in the wake of the crackdown and ended up in foreign states like South Africa and several Eastern Europeans countries.

The bulk of the Musli family's foreign activity is centered in casinos in Romania.