Two Killed by Passenger Train Near Netanya

According to the initial police investigation, the two were part of a group of four youths who were returning from a night at a club.

Two men, believed to be in their twenties, were killed by a passenger train on Thursday night close to the Emek Hefer industrial zone, near Netanya.

From the initial police investigation it emerged that four young men were walking along the tracks after spending the night in one of the clubs in the area. Two were killed on the spot by the passenger train coming from the south. One of the survivors stayed with his injured  friends while the other went to get help.

A paramedic who was one of the first on the scene said, "We received a call that people had been hit by a train. When we got to the scene we found the two youths lying beside the tracks, about 10 meters apart. They were very badly injured and there were no signs of life." 

The train driver apparently reported that he had collided with an unknown object on the tracks, but he only halted the train when he arrived in Haifa.

Police are continuing to investigate the accident, assisted by the two survivors. One possibility that is being investigated is that the men were under the influence of alcohol.