Tel Aviv Streets Closed for Mass Bicycle Event

Streets in Tel Aviv have were closed Wednesday morning to all vehicle traffic, including buses and taxis, for Israel's largest cycling event.

The Sovev Turki Elite Tel Aviv Yafo is taking place on Wednesday September 25. Israel's largest cycling event provides a second chance for cyclists and rollerbladers who missed out on the fun on Yom Kippur with four courses that cross the city. Some are for pros but some are for pure family fun.

According to the Tel Aviv municipality, the following streets are closed to all traffic  on Wednesday morning, from 5 AM to 1 PM:

Bnei Ephraim, from Kakal to Rokach

Rokach, from Kakal to Ibn Gvirol

Hataarucha, from Ibn Gvirol to Dizengoff

Hayarkon (Herbert Samuel) in both directions

Sderot Yerushalayim, from Derech Eilat to Ed Koch

Marzouk v'Ezer, in both directions

Derech Shlomo / Kibbutz Galuyot, from Sderot Yerushalayim to Eliphelet

Shlavim, from Kibbutz Galuyot to Halochamim

Ayalon Freeway, from 7 Stars intersection to Wolfson Intersection

S.Y.Agnon, from Levi Eshkol to Ibn Gvirol

Ibn Gvirol, from S.Y.Agnon to Kaplan