Man Indicted for Hit-and-run That Killed 85-year-old Be'er Sheva Resident

Friends and family are alleged to have helped the main defendant in fleeing the scene of the crime, obstructing justice and failing to call emergency services to aid elderly woman hit by car.

A young man was indicted by the Be'er Sheva District Court on Friday for his alleged involvement in the hit-and-run killing of an 85-year-old woman. The suspect, Asher Abutbul, was indicted on charges of leaving the scene of a crime, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence and driving without a valid license. The first charge alone carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison. Prosecutors also requested that Abutbul be held in custody until the end of legal proceedings.

The indictment stated that one evening this past June Abutbul hit the deceased, Be'er Sheva resident Lula Amdur, and did not stop to call for help. Two passengers who were in the car at the time, Lior Edri and Lital Gabai, have also been charged for failing to call emergency services after the accident. This last charge carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison. According to the indictment, Abutbul shouted at Edri and Gabai immediately following the accident, “I don't have a license, I'm not stopping.”

The indictment states that after driving away from the scene, Abutbul called his girlfriend Oshra Hajaj and asked her to pick up him and his friends in her car and bring them home. Hajaj has been charged with obstructing justice and destroying evidence in the case. Abutbul's mother was also said to have informed her other son about the accident a day later and they and other family members helped Asher to repair the vehicle involved in the accident, including bringing it to a mechanic.

The suspects were described as continuing with their daily lives for over a month after the accident until being arrested on August 8 following a police investigation. At his court remand proceeding following his arrest, Abutbul told reporters, “I am sorry. I am sorry. I didn't flee. I just wanted to take care of my daughter. I am sorry.”