Average Israeli Legislator Showing Up for Just 46 Percent of Votes

During the summer session that ended last week, longtime and opposition Knesset members were the worst deadbeats.

The typical Knesset member was present for just 46 percent of votes during the summer session that ran from April 22 through August 3.

Coalition chairman Yariv Levin gets the top marks, which may not be surprising since it’s his job to ensure the passage of bills. He was present for 80 percent of votes.

Behind Levin were a number of new parliamentarians. Fully 17 of the 20 MKs behind Levin joined the Knesset after the January election. The vast majority of this group are members of Finance Minister Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party.

Just behind Levin is Deputy Finance Minister Mickey Levy of Yesh Atid. Social Affairs Minister Meir Cohen, another Yesh Atid member, came in sixth place. Cohen’s participation rate was the best of any minister; he was the only minister in the top 20.

The bottom of the list is riddled with veteran parliamentarians. In the 119th spot among the 120 MKs is former Shas leader Eli Yishai, who during the summer session was deposed as party leader by Aryeh Deri. Yishai was present for just 32 of the 613 votes. He was not immediately available for comment on why he failed to turn up more often.

The typical opposition member was present just 34 percent of the time. Within the coalition, Yesh Atid had the best record at about 60 percent, followed by Naftali Bennett’s Habayit Hayehudi at 54 percent. The opposition’s Meretz was next at about 53 percent.

Toward the bottom were opposition parties - United Torah Judaism at 37 percent - followed by Arab or predominantly Arab parties: Hadash at 37 percent and United Arab List-Ta'al and Balad both at 24 percent.

Shaul Mofaz's Kadima, also in the opposition, had a participation rate of about 13 percent. Mofaz’s only party colleague in the Knesset, Israel Hasson, was last on the list, voting just 29 times.