The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed Haaretz Newsline July 10

From an Israeli court order probe the wounding of a U.S. citizen in a West Bank protest, to health recommendations on children's exercise and TV viewing, Haaretz brings you the top 8 headlines you might have missed.

Israel's High Court of Justice on Wednesday ordered investigators reopen their probe into the incident of a Border Police officer who shot a tear-gas canister at an American citizen in the West Bank in 2009, after the state acceded to a petition on the matter.

Just a day after reports emerged that another nameless inmate was jailed in Ayalon Prison at the same time and under similar conditions as alleged Mossad agent Prisoner X, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Avigdor Lieberman called the case an "extremely severe incident" but maintained that Israel was acting within legal means.

The Knesset is once again attempting to restrict foreign donations to certain nongovernmental organizations: MK Ayelet Shaked, chairwoman of the Habayit Hayehudi, submitted a new bill on this subject on Tuesday. According to the bill, groups that call for boycotting Israel or for indicting Israel Defense Force soldiers in international tribunals are among those that would be restricted in raising funds from foreign sources, as would individuals identified with such groups.

A colonel in the Israel Defense Forces who assumed a fictitious Facebook identity for sexual purposes has gone on a leave of absence. The army is investigating allegations against him, following an increasing number of complaints by women surfacing on social networks.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is exploiting international indecision on the crisis in Egypt to make gains in his own civil war, a senior figure in the Syrian opposition told Haaretz on Tuesday. The figure said the Syrian regime wants to show foreign players that military aid to the rebels will not affect the tide of the conflict, and that only a political settlement is possible.

Egypt's new interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Biblawi said he would start work on forming his new cabinet on Wednesday, first meeting liberal leaders Mohamed ElBaradei and Ziad Bahaa-Eldin. Biblawi told Reuters he accepted that it would be difficult to win the unanimous support of Egyptians for his new government.

The Defense Ministry has demolished abandoned military posts in the Jordan Valley that housed hundreds of protected bats, despite understandings with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. In the process, hundreds of bats were probably buried alive. The ministry said it asked the parks authority to take responsibility for the sites, but that these requests were ignored.

Children should engage in regular exercise from age two, and children and teens should watch no more than two hours a day of television, according to new recommendations by a task force on preventive medicine. The recommendations by the Israel Association of Family Physicians also warn against unnecessary medical tests, say not all menopausal women should undergo hormone treatment, and urge doctors to be more alert for signs of domestic violence.