Right-wing Activist Arrested in Connection to 'Price Tag' Attack on Monastery

Last September, graffiti was sprayed on the walls of a Christian monastery in Latrun, near Jerusalem, and included the words 'Migron' and 'Jesus is a monkey.'

A Jewish right-wing activist aged 22 was arrested on Monday in connection with a suspected 'price tag' attack at a Christian monastery near Jerusalem.

The arson and graffiti found at the Latrun site last September were believed to have been revenge for the evacuation of Migron, a settlement outpost in the West Bank.

Graffiti sprayed on the monastery walls included the words “Migron,” and “Jesus is a monkey.”

The suspect is 22-year-old Bnei Brak resident, who had an administrative restraining order issued against him, preventing him from traveling to the West Bank.

The suspect's lawyers deny his involvement in the incident.

Earlier this month, Haaretz reported that the Israel Police is pessimistic about the chances of putting a stop to the hate crimes carried out by extreme right-wing activist with nationalistic motives over the next few months, despite plans to bolster law enforcement in that realm.

“It doesn’t seem there will be significant improvement in the war on ‘price-tag’ attacks over the next few months,” a senior police official told Haaretz a day after 29 cars in the Israeli Arab city of Abu Ghosh had their tires slashed, and racist slogans were spray-painted on nearby walls.

This incident was deemed the latest in a series of attacks against Arabs in Israel and in the West Bank deemed "price tag" attacks.

The officer said that over the next few months, the police’s National Crime Unit of the Judea and Samaria District, which is responsible for the West Bank, would be hiring around 50 new police officers. Police officials are also waiting to see if Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon will declare the perpetrators of “price tag” incidents an outlawed organization. Police hope these two measures will bring greater success in dealing with the phenomenon.