Haaretz Reaches 100,000 Twitter Followers

Haaretz would like to thank all our readers for getting us to this milestone, making us the most-followed Israeli news site!

Over the past weekend Haaretz reached 100,000 followers on Twitter, making it the most-followed Israeli news site.

Some of the most retweeted posts in the past year were about Operation Pillar of Defense, U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Israel, the massive cyber-attack on Israeli sites, Steven Hawking's boycott of Israel, and Google's acquisition of Waze.

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Who are our followers? We did a bit of research.

The typical Haaretz follower is male and from the United States. Seventy-four percent of our followers on Twitter are men while only 26 percent are female. Moreover, about 31,000 of Haaretz's followers live in the United States – mainly in New York and California – while most other followers are from the United Kingdom, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Canada, France, Germany and Lebanon.

Twitter followers are key for Haaretz’s future growth, stated Aluf Benn, the editor-in-chief of Haaretz.

“Our 100,000 followers on Twitter and 69,000 fans on Facebook are core readers of Haaretz," Benn said. "The community shares our journalistic work and serves as active ambassadors of the brand. Haaretz has attracted millions of readers around the word, tens of thousands of whom are already active digital subscribers. We constantly work to improve our offerings and journalism to attract new audiences and readers."

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Haaretz would like to thank all our readers for us to this important milestone and invite everyone who is still unfamiliar with our activity on social networks to check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages.