• Special police operation underway in Germany's Cologne's employment office, Bild reports (Reuters)
  • Kremlin tells U.S.: Accusations of Russian involvement in DNC hack border on the stupid (Reuters)
  • U.S. State Dept.: Israel continuing 'pattern of provocative, counterproductive action' (Reuters)
  • Turkish FM: Germany should extradite Turkish prosecutors linked to Gulen (Reuters)
  • Turkish FM: over 300 Foreign Ministry staff linked to cleric Gulen (Reuters)
  • Merkel says Germany stands against terrorists' culture of hatred (Reuters)
  • China, Russia plan joint military drills in South China Sea (AP)
  • Rights group: Russia, Syria forces using cluster bombs again (AP)
  • Following attempted coup, Turkey dismisses 88 Foreign Ministry staff (Reuters)
  • Syria's Assad offers amnesty to rebels who surrender (AP)
  • Police arrest another 17 La Familia members as probe into soccer fan club continues (Haaretz)
  • Russian defense minister: Russia, Syrian gov't to start humanitarian operation in Aleppo (Reuters)
  • Two top Turkish generals resign following mass dismissal of military personnel (Reuters)
  • French identify second church attacker from DNA (AP)
  • Pope Francis to visit Auschwitz death camp on Friday (AP)

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