Israel Electric Corporation Workers Call Off Strike Until March 11

Workers union agrees to abide by Labor Court injunction temporarily prohibiting employees' sanctions.

Israel Electric Corporation's (IEC) workers union said on Wednesday it would refrain from going on strike until March 11.

In a joint statement, IEC workers union chairman, Miko Tsarfati and the Histadrut labor union said they would abide by a Labor Court injunction temporarily prohibiting union sanctions.

In his ruling, Labor Court Judge Rami Cohen also instructed the state to freeze the drafting of planned reforms in the energy industry.

On Tuesday, IEC employees went on strike to protest the government's plan to privatize the state-owned company, causing numerous blackouts in the Ashdod and Ashkelon areas in the south of the country.

The strike was a response to the proposal approved by the government on Sunday which would have IEC split into a number of companies, each dealing with either production or distribution of electricity.

According to the approved plan, by 2013 at least 49 percent of production and distribution facilities would be privately owned.