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ArticlesIsraeli consulate in New York sets up operations room12/09/01

Roles reversal for NY Solidarity mission14/09/01

Sharon vows to help U.S. in every way17/09/01

Arab states object to Israel joining coalition17/09/01

'Israel exploits the tragedy'23/09/01

U.S. to get access to Israel's anti-terror data banks07/10/01

Body of Israeli identified at WTC site16/10/01

September 11 nightmare ends for two illegal Israeli aliens12/11/01

Rousing reception for Giuliani in Jerusalem10/12/01

At Ground Zero, rabbis are trying to free the widows11/01/02

Selling Americans security isn't as easy as it looks from Israel09/09/02

FeaturesDoom-Laden / Amir OrenUncle Sam, whose white beard was wrenched this week by Osama bin Laden, has already pulled the trigger in response, even if the sound of the shot will take a bit of time before it's heard.

An American tragedy / Tom SegevEveryone said that nothing will ever be the same again, but in a country with such a short historical memory it is possible that even the attack on the Twin Towers will remain without any long-term influence.

Reinventing warfare / Amnon BarzilaiEven before the terror attacks on the U.S., several thinkers considered the nature of future warfare and predicted it would change dramatically.

Taking care of family business / Sara Leibovich-DarIn this strange and unsentimental world, there are also some Israelis who have business ties with the bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia. As in the U.S., those with such links to the 'Saudi Rockefellers' don't see how September 11 has anything to do with good business.

The survival of hope / Aviva LoriIsraeli-born Yael Danieli, a world-renowned expert on the psychological treatment of victims of mass disasters currently working as a therapist to families of the September 11 victims, never imagined that her pioneering work would serve her in the city where she resides - New York.

Up in smoke / Sara Leibovich-DarSix weeks before the terrorist attack in New York, Larry Silverstein leased the Twin Towers for 99 years, paying $3 billion. Their collapse was also the collapse of the deal of his life, and since then, he has been trying to put the pieces back together in the face of fierce public criticism, some of it anti-Semitic.

The good guise / Lily GaliliNew York has always been considered a "Jewish" city, so much so that when people want to say something negative but not politically correct about the Jews, they say "New Yorkers" instead.

Foresight, hindsight / Benny LandauHad they believed him, or at least listened to him, it would perhaps have been possible to save the lives of thousands on September 11. Back in 1994, Steven Emerson warned of the danger of Islamic terror.

A New York state of mind / Tom SegevNew York is a city of eight million individualists, and that is the secret of its strength. On the first anniversary of the greatest disaster in its history, it reflects neither bereavement nor rebirth, but inextinguishable vitality.

OpinionThe rise and fall of the fact18/10/01

We are all at Ground Zero02/12/01

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