Israel Aims to Colonize Hungary With Jews, Says Extreme Right

Extreme rightist Website claims Jews plan to 'spray something lethal' to kill most of world's population.

For some time now, spokespeople for Hungary's extreme right have been arguing that Israel aims to "colonize" Hungary. As proof of this claim, the right often misinterprets an (unfortunate) quote by President Shimon Peres, who spoke about Israel's investments abroad, and said that Israel was "buying out Manhattan, Poland, Hungary..."

Now these claims have escalated to the next level: A well known extreme rightist Web site,, is now saying that Israel and American Jews are planning to transport three million Jews with dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship into Hungary over the next two years.

According to the Website, the quarters designed to house the new immigrants are already being built. Every one of them will sign an agreement to stay in the country for at least ten years, after which they will automatically become the owner of an apartment in the designated quarters, the Website says.

This operation, including a guaranteed job for degree holders, is being organized by Judit Polgar, the famous Jewish Hungarian chess player who currently resides in the U.S., the Website argues. The first 1,800 immigrants, the Website goes on to say, have already arrived in Hungary, but their whereabouts have not been found, despite efforts to locate them. can also explain their argument, saying that Hungary was chosen for this "colonization" by American Jews because it has "the best natural attributes in the world."

During a recent recruitment meeting of the paramilitary group "The Hungarian Guard," which has been banned in Hungary due to its Fascist nature, the lecturer said that the Holocaust is nothing but fiction. He added that "in the work camps like Auschwitz or Buchenwald, the living conditions were much better than the Soviet Gulags."

He said furthermore that world Jewry was planning to extort humanity for profit, but that in order to achieve this end, they only need "two billion people to be on earth, so they'll spray something lethal on the remaining 4 billion people."

The escalating racist sentiments (anti-Semitic and anti-Gypsy) in Hungary have also been manifested in action: Three men followed a young man in Budapest recently, and asked him if he was Jewish. When he answered that he was, they beat him until he bled. The Hungarian prime minister ordered an investigation into the incident, in order to find the perpetrators and ensure that this kind of act is not repeated.