IDF Arrests Five Near Nablus; Infant Used to Conceal Grenade

The Israel Defense Forces arrested five wanted men near Nablus yesterday, one of whom had concealed a grenade in hisinfant son's blanket.

In another of a string of incidents across the West Bank that marked a significant rise in tensions, IDF troops shot and killed two Palestinians near Tul Karm Friday. At least one of the men was armed.

Troops arrested the five men during a sweep in the village of Asira a-Shamaliya. The behavior of the wife of one of the arrested men aroused the suspicion of the soldiers, and a search revealed an IDF-issued grenade hidden in the blanket wrapped around the baby she was carrying. The woman, Aziza Jawabra, claimed she did not know her husband had hidden the grenade in the baby's blanket.

A suitcase containing 10 kilograms of the explosive TATP was found in the home of one of the men. The five men are reportedly members of Fatah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

On Friday, IDF troops shot two armed Palestinians near the West Bank town of Tul Karm, Israel Radio reported. The shooting took place in the Anabta refugee camp. The Palestinians had fired at a military vehicle, before being shot by IDF soldiers lying in wait nearby, an IDF source said. The IDF said there had been a number of shooting incidents in the area, prompting the ambush. The troops killed one of the men, and Palestinian medics evacuated the other man to the Tul Karm hospital, where he died shortly afterward.

Israeli military sources said a hunting rifle was found next to the body, and the army released a photograph of the rifle. The sources said the other man was also armed. However, Palestinian sources said neither man was armed, and both were hit while throwing stones at soldiers.