Hamas' Take on the Gaza War? Watch It on YouTube

The militant group's site displays graphic fight scenes against Israel and songs praising suicide bombings.

Hamas has set up a YouTube site showing graphic scenes from the fighting against Israel over the past few days. The militant group also attacks its political rival, Fatah.

The site, which can also be reached through a link on the Hamas Web site, contains a number of channels with various categories of clips.

One called "nationalist songs" praises suicide bombings against the backdrop of an old terror attack in Tel Aviv. A caption states that 17 Israelis were killed.

The site, www.palutube.com, can be accessed in Hebrew and several other languages, but the names of the clips are in English.

Some of the footage shows graphic bloodshed, similar to those being shown on Arabic television channels.

The most popular clip under the category "resistance factions" was posted on Sunday and has been viewed nearly 3,000 times. It showcases a group of Hamas fighters conducting military exercises and firing various weapons.

Other clips show the military wing of Islamic Jihad, Hamas leader Nizar Ghayan who was killed when his house was bombed over a week ago, and the confession of a man supposedly working for the Shin Bet security service.

The clips also deal with Hamas' political adversaries in Fatah, under the slogan "No to Abbas continuing in office." Texts include "What is Abbas' platform?" followed by "No to military intifada," "No to foolish rockets," and "No to humiliating attacks."

The text is accompanied by a dramatic voice-over and scenes of weapons and Palestinian terror operatives over a disparaging photograph of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.