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Donald Trump applauds after singing the National Anthem during a rally in Anaheim, California, May 2
Sanders challenges Clinton, but Trump may be his own worst enemy

He's confirmed the nomination and lined up most of the GOP, but the New York tycoon continues with scorched-earth tactics.

02:24 27.05.16 | 0 comments
Diran Shalabneh described how she was asked to stand behind a curtain and remove her bra for a speci
Israeli Arab student leader describes 'humiliating' strip search at Prime Minister's Office

Diran Shalabneh, head of the National Union of Israeli Students’ department for the advancement of Arab students, was asked to stand behind a curtain and remove her bra for the special security check, before being asked to lower her pants.

01:02 27.05.16 | 0 comments
Video of Be'er Sheva attack, showing Zarhum being kicked.
Film about Be'er Sheva terror attack wins Best Picture award

'Death in the Terminal' lauded in Docaviv festival for 'creating a sharp cinematic portrait of Israeli society.'

05:01 27.05.16 | 1 comments
Avigdor Lieberman waits for the arrival of the European Union's Foreign Policy Chief in Jerusalem.
We fear Lieberman because he embodies Israel’s darker side

Democracy and freedom are not just measured on a fixed scale, but also against our expectations, and Israeli democracy has been exemplary.

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