Haaretz Newsline / April 15

Haaretz rounds up the top eight headlines you may have missed this morning.

Israel Police detained dozens of pro-Palestinian activists who arrived at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, ahead of the estimated hundreds due to fly in as part of the "Welcome to Palestine" protest

In light of the fly-in protest, Israel's Interior Ministry last week refused to allow a Swedish tourist to enter the country unless she signed a document committing her to avoid any contact with "members of pro-Palestinian organizations".

Israel's Military Police has not investigated the death of a Palestinian who was shot some two weeks ago during a clash between IDF commandos and villagers in the West Bank, contrary to the military prosecution's instructions, Haaretz has learned.

Bank Hapoalim has filed a massive $720 million suit against Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Countrywide over its losses in the U.S. subprime crisis, alleging that the U.S. institutions misled and defrauded it. Among Israel's financial institutions, Hapoalim suffered the worst losses in the subprime crisis due to its investments in mortgage-backed securities. 

Eight Palestinian administrative prisoners are currently on a hunger strike, four of them hospitalized at the medical wing of Ramle prison, an East Jerusalem-based NGO said Saturday, following attorneys' visits to the prisons. The Prison Service says only seven prisoners are on hunger strike. 

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel is demanding that the Kiryat Ata municipality stop charging entry fees to the town's public Sport Park, which the association says are discriminatory against Arabs and illegal

Right-wing MKs are expected to introduce a number of bills supporting construction in West Bank settlements and unauthorized outposts when the Knesset returns from its spring recess in about two weeks.

Israeli novelist Yishai Sarid has been nominated for an International Impac Dublin Literary Award for his book Limassol, which was published in 2009. The award is considered one of the most prestigious in the world of fictional literature, and comes with a 100,000 Euro prize for the winning author and translator