Luxury Real Estate Israel, An Evolution In Progress

It's no secret that the property market in Israel is booming. Prices continue to steadily rise, new areas are being aggressively developed, older neighborhoods are being rebuilt and revived. But luxury real estate in Israel is moving further and faster than any other sector in the local market. As the upper class continues to grow and experience luxury living in places all over the world, the various trends and amenities are quickly and smoothly making their way into Israel's luxury living. There are many areas and types of luxury real estate on offer in Israel, ranging from large villas in areas outside the city like Herzliya Pituach or Ceasarea, to luxury apartments in new residential towers in urban areas like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Luxury real estate could also include high-end commercial properties that are in increasing demand as well.

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Luxury Real Estate in Israel

The term "luxury" also carries a range of interpretations in line with the varying needs of buyers seeking luxury real estate in Israel. For some, an in-house gym, swimming pool and sauna facilities are prerequisites, whereas others are interested in prestigious architects and a view to die for. Many of the luxury homes in Israel will include all these and more.

an in-house gym, swimming pool and sauna facilities

The way to access luxury real estate in Israel will almost always be via exclusive brokers who are experienced in handling up-market deals of this nature and size for clients from all over the world. Proficient brokers will also offer a wide range of complimentary services, including top notch legal assistance, architecture and renovation specialists, maintenance services and high-end decorators. Because much of the luxury real estate in Israel is prospected by nonresidents or foreigners making Aliyah, it is wise to choose a broker that is both familiar with the language and cultural needs associated with your country of origin. A good broker will act as a liaison between the prospect and the seller, but a great broker will also assist in acclimatization. This is an important aspect that potential buyers should be aware of as there are typically many processes and vendors that  must be dealt with effectively in order to finalize a good deal  as smoothly and as quickly as possible.