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Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz plans to recommend to the government that it should revoke its earlier decision to destroy homes belonging to the settlers after the evacuation of the Gaza Strip.

Mofaz's proposal will be brought to the cabinet for discussion in the coming month.

Mofaz changed his mind about the matter after a discussion yesterday with heads of the security establishment on progress toward implementation of the disengagement plan. He said one reason for the decision would be international opposition to the demolition of the homes. Earlier this week, the U.S. secretary of state came out against such a move.

Mofaz said that public buildings of a sensitive nature, such as synagogues, mikvehs (ritual baths) and cemeteries should be moved to within the Green Line. He also instructed officers to remove mezuzas from the doorposts of the homes that are evacuated.

Military installations will be dismantled and moved back to Israel with all their equipment, he said.

Mofaz has not yet discussed the fate of the homes in northern Samaria with senior officers in the region but plans to do so in the next few days.