Fugitive American Convicted of Pedophilia Arrested in Netanya

Detectives nab man, who molested two boys, after following his wife when she flew to Israel to visit him.

Police last week arrested an American convicted of pedophilia who had been hiding in Israel. The fugitive man was located when his wife flew over to visit him, leading investigators straight to his Netanya hideout.

Samuel Arthur Silverman, a 69-year-old social worker and Israeli citizen, was arrested in Oregon in 1997 on charges of sexually abusing two 13-year-old boys.

He was convicted after pleading guilty, and was sentenced to jail. However, he left the state in 2000 and has been living in Israel for at least part of the time since.

Silverman has an Israeli ID card - thought to be fraudulent - identifying him as Avraham Cohen, and is being held in Jerusalem awaiting deportion to the United States.

Interpol informed the Israel Police several days ago that Silverman's wife, Sandra, was due to fly to Israel, apparently to visit her husband.

"We knew this was the best option, and maybe the only, to reach him, and after we ascertained the wife had boarded the plane in the U.S., we waited for her at Ben-Gurion airport, and the next morning she landed and we follwed her," said Chief Superintendent Yoav Kotler.

Silverman's wife took a taxi straight to her husband's home on Shmuel Hanetziv Street in Netanya. Police detectives identified Silverman when he came out of one of the apartment buildings and arrested him as he was helping his wife with her suitcase.

Police had previously searched for Silverman at a different Netanya address that Interpol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation gave them several months ago, but found no sign of him there.