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Employment Opportunity

Social Media Editor


Haaretz.com is looking for a Social Media Editor to work full-time from our Tel Aviv office.

If you're:

·         experienced writing for a wide variety of social media platforms;

·         experienced working on a busy news desk;

·         not averse to working unconventional hours;

·         knowledgeable about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world

then send your CV and a cover letter to english@haaretz.co.il

Haaretz Headlines
Keith Scott looks over to police with hands by his sides just before he was shot four times

Keith Scott shooting videos don't clearly show whether he held gun

Dashboard camera and body cam videos show Scott stepping out of his car and backing away, but do not show clearly whether he had a gun as police claims. Family says footage shows Scott wasn't aggressive, shooting didn't make sense.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers remarks at the Hudson Institute's Herman Kahn Award Cerem

Netanyahu photobombs U.S. election campaign, to Trump’s delight

The prime minister’s initiative to meet both contenders comes at same time that Sheldon Adelson ups the ante in support of the GOP candidate

Syrian government forces gather in the largely deserted Palestinian refugee camp of Handarat

Syria is on way to military victory, top diplomat tells UN

With help from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, the Syrian army is making 'great strides,' Walid al-Moallem says, rejects Geneva roadmap for political transition.

The Chief Rabbinate in Tel Aviv.

U.S. rabbis furious at Israeli Chief Rabbinate's rejection of top rabbi's conversions

Rabbinical Council of America says they are investigating the 'disgraceful' decision to reject four conversions approved by Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz.