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Employment Opportunity

Social Media Editor


Haaretz.com is looking for a Social Media Editor to work full-time from our Tel Aviv office.

If you're:

·         experienced writing for a wide variety of social media platforms;

·         experienced working on a busy news desk;

·         not averse to working unconventional hours;

·         knowledgeable about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world

then send your CV and a cover letter to english@haaretz.co.il

Haaretz Headlines
Demonstrators burn the Israeli flag during a protest outside the site of the DNC.
Israeli flag set on fire outside Democratic convention

A woman wearing a black bandanna on her face lit the flag on fire as protests took place outside of the secure zone around the DNC in Philadelphia.

06:46 27.07.16 | 0 comments
An Israeli security forces truck carries out an operation near Hebron, Israel, July 27, 2016.

Palestinian who murdered West Bank rabbi killed in security opereation

In overnight operation, IDF bulldozes hideout of Mohammed Fakieh near Hebron, who was in hiding since the attack early July.

Religious leaders speak to journalists after a meeting with the French President
France not doing enough to stop terrorism, Jewish leaders warn

Following the deadly attack on a church, Jewish leaders call on the French government to step up measures, saying the latest attack marks 'a new phase of terrorist expansion.'

10:57 27.07.16 | 0 comments
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
WATCH: DNC video highlights Clinton’s Israel record, role in Iran deal

On the night of her nomination as Democratic presidential candidate, Clinton’s role in bringing Iran to the negotiating table and shuttle diplomacy in 2012 Israel-Hamas conflict was highlighted.

08:33 27.07.16 | 0 comments