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Employment Opportunity

Social Media Editor


Haaretz.com is looking for a Social Media Editor to work full-time from our Tel Aviv office.

If you're:

·         experienced writing for a wide variety of social media platforms;

·         experienced working on a busy news desk;

·         not averse to working unconventional hours;

·         knowledgeable about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world

then send your CV and a cover letter to english@haaretz.co.il

Haaretz Headlines
An Israeli drone at the Palmahim air base

Rise of drones triggers quiet revolution in Israeli air force

As unmanned aerial vehicles take over the skies, more fighter squadrons are shut down. So what does that mean for aircraft pilots?

The new millipede's four penises. The ninth and tenth pair of legs of Illacme tobini are used as cop

New millepede with four penises, chemical weaponry found in cave

Spiderman, stand down: The tiny but lavishly endowed arthropod also has silk-secreting hairs and squirts something from nozzles on each body segment.

Joudie Kalla in the kitchen.

New generation of Palestinian chefs poised to conquer the world

Palestinian foodies are tired of letting global awareness of the local cuisine be dominated by Israeli chefs. They are returning maqluba to the center of the table and don’t hesitate to dip into history and politics of the conflict when necessary.

Yigal Alon (center) and Yitzhak Rabin (second from left) pose for a group photo with other Palmach c

The day prestate Israel's elite strike force took revenge on a British cop

Otherwise it was right-wing militias that killed Brits they considered responsible for excessive violence.