Dutch Protesters Throw Shoes at Visiting IDF Reservist

In another shoe-throwing incident against Israelis in Europe, Amsterdam police on Sunday arrested three people who hurled footwear at an Israeli army officer while he was lecturing at a hotel in the Dutch capital.

The officer, Captain (res.) Ron Adelheit, told Haaretz he filed a criminal complaint against the suspected assailants - two men and a woman - whom police arrested at the hotel.

"I was on a private visit to see my mother. As an IDF Spokesman reservist I volunteered to speak before the Dutch Jewish community about Operation Cast Lead," said Dutch-born Adelheit, who immigrated to Israel many years ago.

"Fifty demonstrators waited for me outside the Apollo Hotel, chanting nasty slogans," he told Haaretz. "Three entered the room, shouting and throwing four shoes at my direction." He said the hecklers were "typically Dutch-looking."

Adelheit said he believed the protesters learned of the event from Jewish Web sites. He added the event was originally scheduled to take place at the College Hotel, until management canceled "because of threats."

"Today it's shoes, tomorrow knives and then guns," Adelheit said in explaining his decision to press charges.

Dr. Ronny Naftaniel, who heads the Hague-based pro-Zionist CIDI organization said the incident was targeting freedom of expression and "an importation of an element very foreign to Dutch culture."

Noting Adelheit was scheduled to speak tomorrow in Antwerp, one Dutch Jewish community leader joked that "in Amsterdam they threw left shoes. Maybe in Antwerp Adelheit will find the right ones to go along with them."

Israel's ambassador to Sweden was targeted this month by shoe-throwing protesters while speaking at Stockholm University.

The protesters were apparently imitating an Iraqi who targeted former U.S. President George Bush in December. Since then, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was also targeted with a shoe in Britain.