The Israel Less Seen

A film crew from Lonely Planet, a television channel and one of the largest travel guide publishing companies in the world, finished a documentary about Israel and the Palestinian Authority over the weekend.

The team toured Israel and the Palestinian territories for three weeks and shot an hour-long film for the series "Roads Less Traveled," which will consist of 13 films about different countries around the world.

British journalist Amelia Thomas, one of the writers of the Lonely Planet guidebook for Israel and the PA, headed the film crew and chose the shooting sites, presenting to the camera the team's experiences in its travels around the region. Unlike the company's written guidebooks, the television series is not aimed at serving as a reference for the potential traveler in a region, but rather at showing less familiar aspects of the countries where they are filmed.

"In our research we looked for things that people who come here for just a week probably wouldn't do," said Thomas.

The team started its filming at Shacharut in the Arava, went north via the West Bank and ended its trip in the Golan Heights. Special emphasis was put on meetings with local residents, visits to small and non-touristy locales and trying unique sports activities.

The Israeli producer of the project is Sharon Shavit, who accompanies productions of foreign television channels that film in Israel. The series is slated for broadcast toward the end of the year on the Lonely Planet television channel