Keshet: Interested Parties Want to Give Us a Bad Name

The Keshet company has sent the following response: "In recent years, Keshet has broadcast the largest number of new programs in Israel. The company has a definite policy of investing in original contents, with creative innovativeness and the ability to link Israel to international trends in television creativity.

"Keshet has never taken an interest in broadcasting a reality show that deals mainly with tasks in the world of business, and therefore chose not to acquire `The Apprentice.' However, over a number of months Keshet developed an Israeli format that centers around an issue that is very Israeli on the one hand and on the other has international production value. The extensive reactions in Israel and abroad prove that Keshet has indeed found the right combination.

"A television show is not only look and feel, but comprises, beyond the idea, television elements that crystallize the format. Otherwise, logic would have it that `The Weakest Link' is identical to `The Millionaire,' which is identical to `The Safe,' which is identical to dozens of game shows that have been produced around the world since the beginning of commercial television.

"This argument does not stand up to the test of reality, as in the United States alone there are several programs being broadcast on which millionaires look for the next business star. No one has sued and no one has been found guilty. When Keshet has wanted to acquire a format, it has purchased its rights, for example `The Wheel of Fortune,' `Blind Date' and more. And when we just wanted to get inspiration for `Ugly Esti,' we purchased all the rights (of a Spanish telenovela), even though the script was completely changed.

"Our consistent work proves that we are at the forefront of innovation and creativity: `The Safe,' `Between Karkur and Singapore,' `A Wonderful Country,' `Crime and Punishment,' `The Next War' and more.

Keshet's achievements have become thorns in the flesh of interested elements in the tender [for the Channel 2 franchise], who are trying to give us a bad name. Keshet is the only Israeli media organization that has succeeded in exporting shows that have been broadcast successfully in dozens of countries around the world."