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DreamWorks Studios, the producers of "Shrek 2," recently released on DVD for home viewing, realized long ago that movie viewing had undergone a revolution.

DreamWorks Studios, the producers of "Shrek 2," recently released on DVD for home viewing, realized long ago that movie viewing had undergone a revolution. There was a time when people would see a film once, or a few times at most, when it came to their local movie theater or cinematheque, and finally played the small screen. In recent years, thanks to video cassettes, DVDs and the downloading of movies from the Internet - particularly children's films - a new kind of viewing product has developed: movies for multiple viewing.

To adapt movies to this type of viewing, DreamWorks is attempting to add another dimension to them: numerous allusions to and quotes from other films, private visual jokes that are visible only after repeat viewings, and a kind of popular culture trivia game that is detected only by paying very close attention to dialogue. During the initial viewing, it is clear that the scene when Shrek is hanging upside down and Fiona wipes the mud from his face and kisses him is taken from "Spiderman 2," and when the Gingerbread Man is drowning, he mouths "Be good," just like E.T., but closer attention will reveal quotes from "Flashdance," Hitchcock movies and more. Even without these games, however, "Shrek 2" is a nice, colorful, entertaining and touching movie that creates a modern fairy tale, with all of today's values.

Two versions

The new DVD was released in two versions, short and expanded. Both of them have the English sound track, with the impressive list of voices that includes Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Julie Andrews, Rupert Everett, John Cleese and Antonio Banderas. The Hebrew dubbing also includes some familiar voices.

The DVD also has some special features - an interactive film clip in which characters from the movie participate in a talent contest called "Far Far Away Idol." The donkey, Puss-in-Boots, Shrek and Fiona, the prince, the wolf, the Gingerbread Man and the mice take their turn on the stage and sing songs appropriate to their characters. The donkey sings "Disco Inferno" while a group of dragons breathes fire on him, Puss-in-Boots sings "These Boots Were Made for Walking," the prince sings "I'm Too Sexy" and the Big Bad Wolf sings "Hungry Like the Wolf."

One character created specially for the add-ins is an animated Simon Cowell, the caustic and critical judge from TV's "American Idol." Here, too, he sits with his hands folded behind his neck and insults the participants on the stage. After the songs home viewers have the opportunity to choose the winners (otherwise Cowell gets up on the table and starts singing).

The shorter version of the DVD (which is certainly sufficient) also has add-ins such as technical bloopers (the donkey's hair standing on end, Shrek's arms elongating, Fiona's skirt disappearing) that will delight children, games such as "Find Puss-in-Boots" and alternative scenes to the ones ultimately used in the movie.

The expanded DVD also has burping lessons taught by Shrek and Fiona, introductions to the people behind the character's voices in various countries (Israel gets a two-second mention), drawing lessons and more.

"Shrek 2" on DVD. Distributed by Globus United. Short version, NIS 100. Expanded version, NIS 130.

Just like a princess

Yeladot girls' clothing chain is showing its winter collection, which includes a beautiful wool hat with a pompom that ties under the chin with two woolen braids (that can also be worn loose), woolen capes, knit vests and sweaters. These may seem unnecessary at the moment, but the weather should get colder soon.

The dominant colors in this season's collection are pink and purple, and there are clothes for girls who live books of fairy-tales: combinations of tulle, flounces, embroidery and flowers on dresses and skirts, giving them a regal princess look. There are also loose, comfortable items like sweatshirts, sweat suits and layered T-shirts with environmentally friendly messages on them.

Winter collection at Yeladot. Sizes 0-14. Prices: Pants, NIS 50-100; sweats, NIS 50-60; dresses, NIS 80-100; coats, NIS 100-120.