Ireland Making Version of Israeli Reality TV Show

It's just the latest to commission a local adaptation of the reality/docu series 'Connected'.

Ireland's National Television and Radio broadcaster is producing a local version of the Israeli TV show Mehubarim ("Connected,") TBI Vision website reported Tuesday.

Mehubarim, produced by Hot, is a reality series that follows five young, dysfunctional protagonists as each records his or her daily life with an ever-present video camera.

The show has been shown in 10 countries, including versions made for Finland, the Netherlands, Denmar, Norway, Ukraine, India and Estonia.    

“Connected is a very exciting and very real docu series, which fits perfectly with our objective to provide entertaining, provocative, noisy, public service programming targeting 15–34 year olds," RTÉ TWO controller Bill Malone told the website. "We are confident that it will have a strong positive impact on our schedule.”