Tal Nitzan
Tal Nitzan Photo by Moti Kikayon
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The Tchernichovsky Prize for exemplary translation has been awarded to Dr. Aminadav Dykman and Tal Nitzan.

The committee of judges for the prize, which is awarded by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, awarded the NIS 18,000 prize to Dykman and Nitzan for their years of effort and achievement in translation work.

Dykman has translated poetry written in a number of ancient and modern languages. Some consider his most important translation to be an anthology of 17th century European poetry.

Nitzan is receiving the prize for a diverse corpus of translation of poetry and prose written in a number of languages, especially Spanish.

The two will receive their awards in a ceremony to be held this coming October.

And more translators will soon be receiving accolades for their work. The Mifal Hapayis national lottery announced on Monday that it is providing NIS 70,000 in funds for a new translation prize, which will be awarded starting next year, in tandem with the prestigious Sapir Prize for Literature. A Mifal Hapayis spokesman explained on Monday that the award will "recognize and encourage a person who works behind the scenes for years, and does not win suitable recognition. Thanks to devoted translators, we are able to read texts of great cultural merit in Hebrew."

It has also been decided that a NIS 20,000 prize will be awarded this year to seven out of twelve books named on the Sapir Prize's "long list." The 2012 Sapir Prize will be awarded this year for the 12th time, to the year's finest book. The winner of this prize will receive NIS 150,000, and his or her book will be translated into Arabic and one other language.