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Spider-Man is here and that children are already caught in his web is a forgone conclusion. The movie hit the theaters in the final days of school, and the target audience will very likely throng to see Tobey Maguire as the bespectacled Peter Parker, who goes from geeky high school student, punching bag of his school's bullies, to an American superhero in red, white and blue. There will be plenty of time to purchase the collector's album and fill it with stickers after every purchase of an ice cream at local kiosks.

Products bearing the Spider-Man logo have long been popular. Boys in the lower grades were dressing up as Spider-Man, decorating notebooks with Spider-Man stickers and playing with Spider-Man action figures long before Sam Raimi shot the first frame in the current blockbuster.

The film's by-products will be landing on fertile ground. Scary water guns (NIS 160-210) in the hero's colors are already waiting on toy-store shelves, despite the fact that the hero never uses any weapons aside from his web. Toy-Biz is marketing a soft, rather than muscular, Spider-Man, which can say dozens of sentences at the squeeze of a finger (NIS 200), as standard-sized action figures (NIS 70), larger-sized figures for NIS 100, as well as a large Spider-Man that comes with a web on which it can climb up to a table (NIS 140). The Green Goblin, the man with the green costume and flying skateboard and Spider-Man's nemesis, also has a doll, which comes along with a Spider-Man doll (NIS 100). There is also a Spider-Man with an SUV that works on batteries (NIS 80). A Spider-Man computer game is already available in the shops. Unlike games based on the television cartoon image, this game is based on the film, although it also has villains that do not appear in the film. In the game, as in the film, the hero understands that he must use his powers for good (NIS 200).

Until the legal DVD comes out and creates a new wave of enthusiasm for the movie, Globus-United is exploiting the success of the film to distribute videocassettes of the Spider-Man cartoon, "Spider-Man Unlimited," an advanced version quite different from its comics version, one that is more violent and complex.

Lego, which in recent years has sold kits to help promote movies, just like McDonald's, has also prepared a Lego Spider-Man line. Spider-Man fever will likely pass with the release of the second movie in the Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," but until that happens, the kids will have time to take Spider-Man back to school with them on notebooks, pencil cases, schoolbags and much more.