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Ka-Boom! 3, the OK club's annual comics convention, will take place today at Beit Tami on Tel Aviv's Sheinkin Street. In addition to the comic book stands, which will be offering new books by Uri Fink, Zeev Engelmayer and Mulli Yachebs, there will be workshops and lectures about mainstream American comics, alternative Israeli and foreign comics and Japanese manga.

This year's convention will center around the reciprocal relationship between the world comics industry and television and cinema. Uri Baruchin will speak about the differences between cinema, television, theater and comics. Matan Cohen will explain why comic book artists are frustrated filmmakers and why filmmakers are frustrated comic book artists. Irina Coopshtien will analyze the differences between Japanese animations and the manga (comics) on which they are based.

In addition to lectures, the convention offers free activities including a comic-making workshop and Comic Battle (Komikrav), a comic-making competition carried out in front of an audience. A complete schedule of events is available at the Web site kaboom.okay.org.il.