Avi Nesher
Avi Nesher preparing for his explosive scene in “Rage and Glory.'The film had “a terrible beauty,' says the director.
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The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund will be investing NIS 3.5 million in four feature films, the fund announced on Wednesday.

Two are films now in production - one written and directed by screenwriter Shira Geffen (of "Jellyfish" fame ), and another by Reshef Levy (known for "Lost Islands" ). The third, called "Wonders," is by Avi Nesher ("The Secrets" ), who wrote the script together with Shaanan Street, lead singer and lyricist of the band Hadag Nahash. The fourth is "Dancing Arabs," with a screenplay by Sayed Kashua.

The fund, which operates under the auspices of the Jerusalem Development Authority, invests only in films produced in Jerusalem.

Geffen's grant will help finance "A Screw," which tells the story of two women who live in the same Jerusalem environment, but are on opposite extremes both psychologically and in terms of the reality of their lives. One loves life, but her vitality is buried beneath the difficulties of the daily grind. The other has created an artistic persona, but has lost herself in the process.

Levy's film, entitled "To Hunt Elephants," is about a 12-year-old boy who visits his grandfather in an old-age home and discovers that the old man and his friends were bank robbers before the establishment of the state. The boy then persuades his grandfather and his friends to go out and rob his father's bank as the last act of their lives.

Yoram Honig, director of the fund, also announced on Wednesday that it will contribute NIS 240,000 to develop six screenplays into full-length features.

Among them are "The Mountain" by Yael Kayam, about a woman searching for meaning in the Mount of Olives Cemetery, and "Marco Polo," about two yeshiva boys who start a travel agency for Orthodox girls from abroad in order to find brides.