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Stefan Ruzowitzky, director and scriptwriter of "The Counterfeiters," which won this year's Oscar for best foreign-language film, will arrive in Israel next week, accompanied by Holocaust survivor Adolf Avri Burger, whose memoirs were the basis of the film.

"The Counterfeiters" will be screened in Israel starting today.

An Austrian production, "The Counterfeiters" competed for the Oscar last month against "Beaufort," the Israeli film directed by Yosef Cedar.

The film recounts a Nazi campaign to print counterfeit bank notes in an attempt to cause economic collapse of the U.S. and British markets by flooding them with the fake cash. The central figure is a Jew who is rescued from a concentration camp to participate in the campaign.

Ruzowitzky and Burger - who has a large family in Israel - will participate in a special screening of the movie, scheduled to take place Tuesday at the Tel Aviv Museum, followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

Avraham Sonnenfeld, another Holocaust survivor who worked on behalf of the Nazis in the same plan, and who now lives in Israel, will join them.

Burger and Ruzowitzky will visit Yad Vashem the following day, and participate in another screening of the film at the Jerusalem Theater.