Neta Livne’s 'Colorations' collection celebrates the layered look in jewelry.
Neta Livne’s 'Colorations' collection celebrates the layered look in jewelry. Photo by Yossi Givoni
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Yossi Givoni
Neta Livne’s 'Colorations' collection celebrates the layered look in jewelry. Photo by Yossi Givoni

Neta Livne likes to dress in layers. Summer and winter, she always wears an opaque garment and on top of it, something sheerer. She adapted this approach to her latest collection of contemporary jewelry, "Colorations."

Livne uses materials such as leather and gold or silver-plated brass and inserts transparent crystal stones of varying textures in them playing with the different colors and the layers of opacity and transparency.

The collection has 30 items, most of them in different combinations of materials and colors. The palette of colors ranges from summer tones: soft pastels with touches of neon, black and turquoise. She says turquoise has been a mainstay of her collections over the years and once again this year, she chose to photograph a postcard with the collection's concept against the backdrop of the Dead Sea. The color of the water near the shore, the natural transparency, the opaqueness of the salt all tell the story of the collection.

Livne, who has been designing and manufacturing jewelry for the last eight years with the help of a small team in the studio in her Ramat Gan home, does not have the presumptuousness to invent something new. She is not seeking to spark a revolution in her craft or make an uncompromising statement. She just wants her jewelry to be what jewelry should be: a colorful adornment that can be added to a garment to complement it or even complete the look. Nothing more.

The collection features earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. The pieces have a strong presence, both in their bold colors and their chunky dimensions. There is nothing delicate here. There are large insignia rings set with prominent colorful stones, dangling earrings with colorful leather bits, bracelets, made of thick colorful strips of leather, inlaid with stones and metal bits, and various necklaces and pendants. These pieces are mostly "statements." If you decide to wear one, no additional accessory is necessary..

Prices: NIS 100-600. For additional information: