Children's Corner Private Pool - Pump Required

For the many households yet to realize their dream of a private pool and who make do with a bucket on the balcony, Mega Sport is now offering a range of inflatable pools.

For the many households yet to realize their dream of a private pool and who make do with a bucket on the balcony, Mega Sport is now offering a range of inflatable pools. The Paradise inflatable pool, for example, is large, spacious and has high, double-thick walls for greater stability. When fully inflated, it can hold four kids. Mega also has an inflatable boat-shaped pool with a cover to provide shade and a toy pool that has a net for volleyball and basketball hoop.

When the Paradise pool is fully inflated and filled with water, it's fun for everyone; the problems occur before and after that: anyone without an electric pump will have to spend about 30 minutes blowing it up and a while longer filling it with water - a vast amount of water - about the same capacity as Lake Kinneret, it feels. Cleaning the water can be done the next day manually with a kitchen sieve, but after two days, you need to empty the whole pool and then refill it. Furthermore, it is sensitive: every kid's sandal buckle or bicycle lying nearby can shorten its lifespan. Inflatable pools, Mega Sport, NIS 30-390

First aid on video

Two competing first-aid video cassettes have recently appeared: "Lihiyot betuhim" (Being safe) and "Bli panica" (Don't panic). One is sold at Super Pharm stores and the other at New Pharm stores. In one the presenters are a young, golden-haired mother named Shirli Glick and a knowledgeable doctor, Arnon Ya'ari, and in the other the presenter is a young, golden-haired mother named Dana Dvorin and a knowledgeable doctor, Roni Tzabar. Both tapes demonstrate every technique on hideous Magen David Adom dolls. In short, the tapes are very similar.

Both videos caution that they are not an alternative to a first-aid course, but they certainly can teach a few things that are contrary to motherly instincts. For example, if a child needs resuscitation and there is no one else at home, a resuscitation attempt must be tried for one minute using their instructions before calling the emergency services (if there is someone else at home, both actions are taken simultaneously). If a child is choking and there is partial blockage, don't slap him on the back and of course, do not touch a child who has been electrocuted with your hands, use a broom or something that does not conduct electricity.

Watching the tapes, which try to be interesting, can raise some fears. If you overcome them, it seems the ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) method taught on "Lihiyot betuhim" is quite clear and easy to remember. "Bli panica" explains at length what to do in the case of burns, both videos talk about getting electrocuted, and "Lihiyot betuhim" warns about small parts that can be swallowed and cause choking. It seems the deciding factor in picking a video is the price - "Bli panica" is less expensive (and all the profit from it is donated to the Schneider Children's Medical Center) "Bli panica," First Aid Video and DVD. New Pharm stores, NIS 20; "Lihiyot betuhim," First Aid Video and DVD. Super Pharm stores, NIS 70 (or NIS 10 with the purchase of two items)

Pastel platforms

The Papaya company is producing platform shoes that from the front look like all-star shoes and closed platform shoes at the same time. They come in different styles, including prints of cartoon characters, zebra and leopard prints, pastel stripes and denim with embroidered flowers and butterflies with sequins. Despite the off-putting description, the shoes are actually quite cute.

Papaya slides, sizes 28-35, NIS 130