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The Cotoons are new dolls and figures for babies made by Smoby, and soon to be the stars of an animated show on the Hop Little Ones channel. They are children dressed in animal costumes - Tulip is dressed up as a lion, Punky is a zebra, Abaf is a frog, and Zoom is a butterfly.

Their faces are made of hard plastic, their bodies are soft and occasionally glow and their eyes are black and set far apart from each other. They are also being sold as cuddly dolls that kids can curl up in bed with.

There are other accessories to use in a different way, for example in a maze where they move on tracks and the child is supposed to use different tones to help lead them home.

The butterfly needs to get to the beehive, the frog to the swamp and so on. The dolls and toys are nice in green, brown and light blue and they also play music and are of good quality.

Cotoons. Dolls and toys by Smoby. Age three months to three years. NIS 50-150

Antique pilots

More dolls based on a television series are pilot brothers Frank and Buster from the BBC series "The Koala Brothers" which is aired on the Hop Channel.

The Kodkod company is launching a line of products inspired by the series including a set with a plane and the two brothers, from the early 20th century, with aviator glasses and pants.

The two sit in an open, sturdy vintage aircraft with a propeller that revolves with the press of a button. After the flight the two figures can be removed.

The Koala Brothers set of pilot dolls by Kodkod. For ages 2-6. NIS 180.

Missile men

Moving from the air to the depths of the ocean, there's the classic diving game, "Submarine Commando," which includes two boxes, a fleet of ten battleships and dozens of plastic missiles in two colors and is being reissued by Kodkod.

Two players sit opposite each other and each has a console. Each sees only his own console and must guess the location of his opponent's submarines. Each player takes a turn asking his opponent if there is a ship on a given coordinate on his console and if the answer is yes, he marks it on his own console with a red missile.

If he is mistaken, he marks it with a white missile. The winner is the one who discovers all of his opponent's submarines first.

Submarine Commando. Marketer: Kodkod. For age 5 and above. NIS 120.

Frocks retro

Fashion designer Naama Bezalel is launching a children's collection under the name Na'amonet. Like the clothes Bezalel designs for adults, these clothes also ooze retro, which almost always looks good on girls.

In the first stage, the collection features dresses for girls in cotton, linen and denim and is aimed at girls aged 18 months to five years. The colors are delicate - white, light green, light blue and pink.

Other items are expected to follow and will be sold in a separate store.

Na'amonet dresses for girls. NIS 200-300. Available at the Naama Bezalel store, 212 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv

Roller babe

Mega Sport stores are now selling adjustable roller blades or spin blades. These can stay with the kids for a few years, even after their feet grow a few sizes, and that makes the substantial outlay more worthwhile.

The shoe sits on a track that allows it to be expanded or shortened by four sizes, 31-35 or 36-40. At least initially it supports the foot well, though it's unclear what happens after years of roller-blading.

There are two straps and sturdy laces that keep the foot in place and two hooks that help slip the foot into the shoe and can also be used for toting the roller-blades over the back once regular shoes have been put on - along with the helmet, of course.

For a week now, one six-year-old girl has been gliding around on these blades and taking them off only rarely and when absolutely necessary.

Spin Rollerblades. Adjustable shoes. Mega Sport stores. NIS 300, through October 10.