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"Cashback," directed by Sean Ellis, will be featured at the opening of the seventh British Film Festival on January 18 at the Cinematheques in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth and Jerusalem. "Cashback" tells the story of an art student who works the late night shift at a local supermarket after developing insomnia following a painful breakup.

The festival, organized by the British Council and running through January 27, will also feature "The Queen," directed by Stephen Frears. The film stars Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth in the period following the death of Princess Diana.

Other featured films include director Nicholas Roeg's movies,"Don't Look Now" (1973) and "Walkabout" (1971).

Three films about British music will be screened at the festival: "Brothers of the Head" focuses on 1970s punk rock music; "Life and Lyrics" is about London's urban music and the documentary "Glastonbury" presents the story of the well-known music festival started by a British farmer who opened up his ranch for performances.

Two other intriguing films to be screened are "The Last Hangman," directed by Adrian Shergold, about the most famous hangman in Britain and "The Last King of Scotland," directed by Kevin Macdonald, about the dictator Idi Amin, who ruled Uganda in the 1970s. The film earned Forest Whitaker a Golden Globe award nomination for best actor.

Moreover, this year's festival will also feature discussions on film and social issues. There will be screenings of documentary movies filmed in Israel that deal with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well as documentaries on tourism and the Holocaust.