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Wuv-Luv - an interactive doll. Lafayette -Agencies Ltd. For ages 3 and up. NIS 250.

For Pesach, two more interactive toys, the kind that play with themselves, have hit the market. These are gimmicky and expensive, toys the child is supposed to admire from afar rather than play with. Wuv-Luv is a furry doll that looks like a large Muppet-chick with an antenna and huge eyelashes (like the prototype for these toys, Furby).

She looks like one of the furry dolls that children love to hug, but because she contains a computerized mechanism, she is inflexible and heavy, and can't accompany the child to bed. Aside from that, she reacts to petting, and is liable to talk out loud suddenly when the child is sleeping.

Wuv-Luv is unique in that she speaks Hebrew and gives birth to a baby of her own - a reversible process, of course. Just as the toy company gave her a name, she gives her baby a name.

Before the birth (and afterward), she says things like "Wuv-Luv is so sleepy," "I love you very very much," "I love you," "Happy happy," in a childish and somewhat artificial voice.

There is something misleading about the doll's talkativeness. When she says, "The time has come, yum-yum," the child is supposed to put into her mouth one of the two flowers that she's supposed to eat.

If you put the flower in the right place, the doll makes sucking noises and says, "That's good."

If you put it in another place, she says, "Hmm, I love hugs." "Do you want to play?" she asks the little girl who is playing with her, and the child answers "Yes."

But Wuv-Luv didn't really want to know - she just wanted to show off one of her tricks, and so she immediately continues to perform the next one, moves her head from side to side and rolls her eyes (but doesn't shut them when she goes to sleep).

After a while (about 15 minutes, which to children seems like an entire period of pregnancy), the heart in the front of Wuv-Luv's body opens into a pocket containing a colored egg (pink Wuv-Luv has a purple egg), from which a small Wuv-Luv hatches (yellow with pink antennae). The two speak to each other. He says "Mommy," and she answers "My baby." "I wanna eat," he says, and she answers "You want yum-yum?"

Afterward they sing a song about a baby elephant, Pil-pilon, together (the baby begins, and the mother continues, and so on). The children find this very funny.

Unlike other interactive toys, when one stops petting Wuv-Luv she stops talking, which is good. After a while she snores, becomes quiet, and sleeps until the next time.

Autobot - an interactive toy. Hasbro. NIS 200.

Autobot is another interactive toy, which is well designed. It is metallic, and looks like the cartoon character Felix the Cat, turned into a robot.

He walks forward and backward, turns around and talks, laughs and sings, asks riddles and makes sounds, but all in English. He is supposed to develop into a mature robot if one plays with him. But he definitely will not give birth.

People turning into vehicles

Mega Bloks construction kits. Elfit agencies. For ages 7 and up. NIS 100-200.

The Canadian company Mega Bloks, which usually markets large building blocks for toddlers, is now selling sets of small Lego-type blocks, containing many pieces. The small sets (150 pieces) include small people like those of Lego, which children like very much. The special feature is that the people can be turned into vehicles - a robot into a spaceship, a Ninja into a plane, a gladiator into a helicopter.

The various robots in the larger sets (450 pieces) can be turned into animals such as lions, wolves and dragons. The sets are better than the company's other blocks, which are hard to put together; they can be joined to Lego blocks, and are cheaper than similar sets by Lego.

Connex - Hasbro. For age 6 and up. NIS 35-700.

More in the area of construction toys, the excellent Connex company has issued additional series. Its space series is attractive, and tries to give a "real" sense of space, and in the various sets in the Extreme series, one can use the hinges, sticks and wheels to build motorcycles, racing cars, a skateboard and even a huge sled, which can be played with repeatedly after assembly.

Following the arrow

Lego Races 2. Computer game. Hed Artzi distributors. Minimum system requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/XP, NIS 180.

Lego Racers is one of the favorite computer games of children in the lower grades, who will be very happy to discover Lego Racers 2.

The new game is more sophisticated in its graphics and in the rules of the game. But that can be a disadvantage, too.

The follow-up game involves not only the construction of a player, a car and races, but, like Lego Island, a new game that came out recently, also involves tasks.

The racing car drivers have to collect gold bricks and progress in this way in the various worlds.

The game includes 23 tracks and five worlds: Xalax, a race with aliens; Adventurers; Dino Island; Life on Mars; and Arctic and Sandy Bay, with landscapes of beaches, and options for building good cars (the construction of the cars and the people is a very enjoyable part of the game).

During the races (one travels in the direction of the arrow on the screen, by pressing on the arrow keys) one meets various people, but unlike Lego Island adventure, the conversations with them are written on the screen, and the characters speak unclearly.

The game is very wordy, and reading it delays the progress of enthusiastic players.

This game can be played with two players who compete with one another, a welcome innovation.