Bob Dylan graffiti.
Bob Dylan graffiti. Photo by Dreamstime
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How does it feel to curate your own Bob Dylan music video? You are welcome to see for yourself. The Tel-Aviv-based media company Interlude has released a new interactive music video to 'Like A Rolling Stone,' Bob Dylan's well known hymn of detachment, angst and redemption.

Calling the piece a music video, though, might be doing it a disservice. The award-winning Israeli company, which is headed by singer Yoni Bloch and specializes in affording users the ability to create their own interactive clips, has created a user-based piece in which viewers can toggle between no less than 16 different video channels showing people on various TV shows mouthing the words to the Dylan song. On the fictional BBC News channel, Israel's Danny Kushmaro, a news anchor on Channel 2 News, is seen singing along.

The director of the video is Vanya Haiman, a young Israeli videographer whose creations have been rocking Israel's web space for some time now. Interlude enlisted Haiman for the project, which also won the support of Dylan himself.