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Comptroller: Some of PM's Aides Lack Degrees Legally Required for Their Jobs

For example, the prime minister's adviser on public complaints lacks the required degree, the comptroller's report says.

Several aides and advisers in the Prime Minister's Office who were personal appointments rather than being hired through the regular civil service system do not meet the minimum requirements of their positions, a report released on Tuesday by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss said.

The report cited several examples. For instance, the prime minister's adviser on public complaints must have at least a bachelor's degree, since this is required of all unit directors, and this position is deemed to involve heading a unit. The degree is also required because some of the staff working under the adviser must have a degree according to civil service rules.

But while the current incumbent has a wealth of managerial experience, he lacks the required degree, the comptroller's report said.

The report also cited the prime minister's advisor on land settlement issues, saying the current holder of the office lacks the bachelor's decree in social sciences that the position legally requires. Again, Lindenstrauss acknowledged the incumbent's extensive practical experience, but said this doesn't obviate the need for proper educational credentials.

Moreover, the report charged, the Prime Minister's Office made one personal appointment that did not meet the minimum educational requirements even after receiving a draft of the comptroller's report on this issue.