Micha Lindenstrauss - Gili Eliyahu
Micha Lindenstrauss. Photo by Gili Eliyahu
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Seven senior officials in the State Comptroller's Office earned more than the comptroller himself in 2010.

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss earned NIS 39,079 a month in 2010, in gross terms. The comptroller's pay and terms are tied to those of ministers. The officials' salaries ranged from NIS 41,325 to NIS 49,991 per month.

Office director general Moti Besser earned a gross salary of NIS 36,984 a month last year, up from NIS 31,723 in 2009. His monthly salary cost, including perks and benefits, was NIS 50,847.

The State Comptroller's Office employs 559 workers. The average gross salary there was NIS 21,763 in 2010, and the average salary cost was NIS 26,677, a 4.6% increase over 2009 after adjusting for inflation. The average age is 39, and most have college degrees and specialize in fields including economics, law and accounting.

Two employees - legal advisor Nurit Israeli and chief ombudsman Hillel Shamgar - receive salaries linked to those of judges. Their salaries averaged out to NIS 43,944 a month last year, an increase of 2.4% since 2009.

The office also has five legal interns who earned an average monthly salary of NIS 4,475, a decrease of 2.1% since 2009.

Three student employees earned an average of NIS 2,480 a month, a decrease of 2.7% since 2009.

The State Comptroller's Office is not included in the Finance Ministry's report on public sector wages.

An office representative stated in response that the comptroller was committed to instituting new salary structures for newly hired workers, in keeping with the recommendations of a committee the comptroller had appointed. The workers' union opposes this, and the matter is still being addressed, the representative said.