toys - Haaretz - November 21 2010
Toys. Prices may go up 20%. Photo by Haaretz
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Toys. Prices may go up 20%. Photo by Haaretz

The country's toy importers are threatening to raise prices by about 20% if the Standards Institution of Israel doesn't ease the inspection process.

It is mainly small and medium-sized importers who are suffering from the strict inspections, since the toys taken for inspection constitute a relatively large percentage of their overall stock. These importers often lack the proper permits, too.

One industry source said the Standards Institution is looking to bring in more money by conducting additional tests. The institute retorted that it is looking out for the safety of the country's children, and that the problem is with importers who don't know the source or manufacturer of the toys they import - not to mention whether or not they meet standards.

Until a few months ago, the institute would take a few toys from every shipment for inspection. Now, however, it wants to check one of every model imported, which greatly increases the number of toys pulled out for inspection, say importers.

Due to the increased workload, it can take four or five months for the institute's lab to check a given toy.