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Yesterday and today, some of the best minds in Israel are meeting at the Jerusalem International Conference Center (Binyanei Ha'uma ) for the biggest brainstorming session in Israeli history. They are there to exchange ideas at TheMarker 2021 Conference. Not only are these people at the forefront of Israel's economic, social and political scene: These are people who care about the nation's present and its future.

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Some 3,000 experts in economics, government, planning, education and many more fields are attending the 2021 Conference, meeting for two days of intense discussion. They are sitting at 200 roundtables, spread among seven separate conference representing the seven main topics chosen as the most critical to Israel's future.

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These seven topics are education, the effectiveness of governance and the public sector, Israel's competitiveness internationally, the labor market, integrating the Arab community into the economy and society, integrating the Haredi community and propelling the Israeli economy forward.

The content at conferences is usually set in advance. The 2021 Conference is different. The seven topics were pre-chosen, augmented by a panel on environmental issues, but in this case, where the ideas go from there is up to the thousands of experts taking part.

The format of the conference reflects its loftiest goal: to change the public discourse in Israel. The mission for these thousands of professionals and experts from across the Israeli spectrum is to spearhead change themselves, to lead it, to take charge, to create and nurture an environment that demands and supports change.

The 2021 Conference is just the start of a long-term drive, the first of many open platforms to come that TheMarker intends to develop. Our hope is to be joined by other media and public institutions, from the press, television and Internet, in the shared goal of creating a new public debate in Israel.