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The planned boycott against the Super-Sol supermarket chain is gathering support: More than 49% of consumers who have heard of the initiative say they plan to take part, according to a survey by TheMarker.

The boycott grew out of a Facebook group opened by the Tel Aviv University student union. The group called for a week-long boycott of Super-Sol, Israel's largest supermarket chain. So far 5,700 people have joined.

In the survey, 24% of the respondents were certain they would join the boycott and 25% thought they would. But 39% said they would not join.

The Facebook group blames Super-Sol for Israel's high food prices, no less than food manufacturers. But it doesn't spare other chains and promises a new boycott target every week.

In an attempt to head off the move, student union leaders have met twice with Super-Sol executives, and another meeting is scheduled for this morning. After the first meeting on Sunday, the students announced a 48-hour postponement of the boycott, originally scheduled to start yesterday.

At yesterday's meeting with Super-Sol CEO Effie Rosenhaus and chief business manager Richard Hunter, the students asked the company to keep its recent discounts until the end the year. The Super-Sol executives presented the outline of a plan to lower prices on dozens of products, partly by expanding its own private brands.

The student leaders said that once they were done with the retail chains, they would move on to the suppliers.

After Sunday's meeting, Super-Sol announced deep discounts and sales before the High Holidays. The chain lowered prices of some 1,000 products by up to 25%, saying holiday purchases would be 15% cheaper than last year.