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Tnuva may have announced it is lowering prices on many products, but the students who launched the boycott against Israel's largest dairy and food company are not satisfied, and are demanding larger cuts and on more products. The students, in addition, are not yet ready to end the boycott of Tnuva products.

Students from the Tel Aviv University Student Union sent a "gift basket" Monday morning to the home of Tnuva's new chairman, Shlomo Rodav, containing Tnuva products not included on the list of tomorrow's 15% price reductions. Among the products were many from Tnuva subsidiaries, such as Sunfrost frozen green beans, Mama Of chicken cutlets, Tirat Zvi turkey cold-cuts and some dairy products such as chocolate milk and cream, the prices of which are not changing.

In their gift basket, the students included a letter in which they ask Rodav to change the company's policies and find solutions to the problem of high food prices.

The prices of the products the students sent to Rodav have risen between 4.6% to 24.6% since 2008, shows a survey conducted by Nielsen for TheMarket.

The prices are based on the actual cash register prices paid, and the recent price used is based on the prices from mid-August, before Tnuva started its round of sales and price cuts in response to the recent protests.

Tnuva said the prices in the survey were those charged by the supermarkets and did not necessarily reflect Tnuva's price list.