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Disregarding the refusal of Scandinavian airports to play by its rules, the Shin Bet security service said on Thursday that it would not allow Israeli airlines to fly out of overseas airports if the security checks there do not meet its standards.

"In countries where the gap between the minimum requirements for protecting flights to Israel and local limitations is unbridgeable, it means there is high risk to the lives of passengers - and we cannot permit those flights," said a senior Shin Bet official.

The adamant response came after TheMarker reported on Thursday that Swedish aviation authorities had refused to allow Arkia to conduct such security inspections at Stockholm's airport because they involve ethnic and personal profiling. Such checks have already been banned at other Scandinavian airports such as in Malmo, Sweden and in Copenhagen.

The Shin Bet is responsible for determining threat levels and setting standards for airline security. Swedish and Israeli authorities are busy trying to solve the dispute and allow flights to continue, the Shin Bet official said.