Summer protests against the high cost of living, Tel Aviv, Aug. 8 2011.
Summer protests against the high cost of living, Tel Aviv, Aug. 8, 2011. Photo by Tali Meyer
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Protesters plan to call on the Antitrust Authority to step up its action against economic concentration in a rally outside the trustbuster's offices in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

This protest movement, a breakaway from the summer's social protest movement, wants the authority to work harder to lower prices and to investigate its own shortcomings. Protest organizers cite the price increases of the past several years as evidence of these shortcomings.

The movement calls itself apolitical and says its goal is to end the situation in which too much economic power is in too few hands.

A month ago, movement organizers sent a letter to Antitrust Authority head David Gilo, calling on him to set up an external committee to examine the regulator's actions.

"The Antitrust Authority was supposed to prevent us from getting where we are now - the public being tossed around by absurdly high prices - and failed," the organizers said in a letter. "The authority has been around for 17 years, and despite receiving budgets of hundreds of millions of shekels, it has allowed the country's economy to become overly concentrated and companies to charge scandalous prices, pushing hundreds of thousands of families into horrendous poverty."

Gilo said he valued the authority's work over the years and did not see a reason to appoint such a committee. He added that he was willing to address any questions the protest organizers had.