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The new director general of the Prime Minister's Office, Harel Locker, will not hold working meetings with his brother, Maj. Gen. Yohanan Locker, unless at least two other senior officials are present.

Moreover, any administrative matters relating to Yohanan Locker, who is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's military aide, will be handled by one of Harel Locker's deputies.

These provisos are part of the conflict of interest agreement Harel Locker recently signed before taking over his new post. The Civil Service Commission is responsible for supervising that Locker follows the rules. Any deviations from the rules, such as special cases where he must meet with his brother officially, will require permission in advance from the PMO's legal counsel.

The agreement also includes other restrictions: For instance, he must sever all ties with his former law firm within a month.

Locker's wife is also a senior official, in the State Comptroller's Office. But she does not handle matters related to government ministries; her area of supervision is higher education and various other associations..