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The dispute between food manufacturer Osem and supermarket chain Hatzi Hinam had been resolved, Osem announced on Monday, adding that its products would be returning to the retail chain's shelves.

"Couples bicker, too," Zaki Shalom, one of the owners of Hatzi Hinam told TheMarker. "It took months to complete, and ultimately it ended in the best way possible for both sides."

The dispute surfaced at the beginning of November, when Osem refused to share in the cost of sales promotions Hatzi Hinam had planned. For its part, Osem claimed it was owed several million shekels by the chain. The dispute led Hatzi Hinam to take all of Osem's products off its shelves, including the ubiquitous peanut-flavored Bamba snack puffs. Over time, however, shoppers at the chain were able to find some products distributed by Osem, including Materna baby formula and Nestle ice cream.

With regard to Osem's contention that Hatzi Hinam owed it money, Shalom said on Monday: "I don't owe anyone money, and if I owed money, they could have sued me," confirming that the differences between the parties related to how sales promotions would be funded and Osem's unwillingness to share in planned promotions.

In the midst of the dispute, Shalom said: "It's no problem being without Osem. Every item has a substitute and I'm not upset about it. The public, which is [complaining] about the cost of housing needs to see how much money Osem is getting for Bamba, which is made out of air."

With Osem CEO Aviezer Kaplan sidelined due to surgery, one of Osem's shareholders, Dan Propper, pursued efforts to resolve the dispute and ultimately succeeded.