Dov Lautman
Dov Lautman Photo by Uri Porat
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Noam Lautman is taking over as chairman of Delta Galil Industries, following in the footsteps of his father Dov Lautman, who founded the company in 1975. The younger Lautman will be replacing Gideon Chitayat, who is stepping down after heading the multinational apparel company for about 18 months.

Dov Lautman, 42, who has sat on Delta's board of directors for 10 years, was chosen as chairman unanimously at the behest of controlling shareholder (54.5% ) and CEO Isaac Dabah. The latter bought control of the company about four years ago from Dov Lautman, who retains 10.5%.

Noam Lautman had served as director for new ventures and strategic business planning at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. He is currently general manager of 2gether Capital, a consultancy and private investment company, and is a co-founder and board member of the non-profit Lautman Fund, which promotes social projects. Lautman holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from New York University.

Chitayat, who resigned from the post of chairman to pursue other interests but will remain on the board, said: "I wish the new chairman much success. I am confident that Noam Lautman, together with Isaac Dabah, will continue to lead the company to growth and profitability."

"Noam's appointment as chairman underscores the Lautman family's commitment to the company and constitutes an important message to company employees and to customers," said Dabah. "Noam has a long-standing familiarity with the company and its business, and can contribute to its continued prosperity."

Lautman himself remarked that he sees it as a great honor to serve as chairman of the company his father founded and that he continues to follow his vision. "I will be pleased to contribute from my experience and knowledge of Delta to assist Isaac and the rest of the management in leading it to further achievements," he said.

Dabah also thanked Chitayat, noting that during his tenure the company implemented a comprehensive reorganization that produced impressive results and returned the company to profitability.

Also leaving the company is Gil Admoni, who served as CEO of Delta Marketing Israel and whose tenure in this role coincided with Chitayat's chairmanship. Admoni was responsible for a chain of 10 retail stores that accounts for about 10% of the company's operations.